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A new book suggests that French parents are baby whisperers.

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Who's the French billionaire who has just bought Sotheby's auction house? Why do French women and some men inhale their 'oui'? What you need to know about this year's Cannes film festival. Something like this is only possible in a culture where taking part in food is a daily ceremony, practiced and taught. One French friend insisted: a child should feel hunger every day, before each meal. After all, she said, only a hungry body can fully appreciate food.

What Emilie bought one day at the February market.

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Each vegetable was labeled with the Provence town where it was grown; most farms were within walking distance. On school lunches: One day, a group of parents were huddled around the school gate, and I stopped to see what they were looking at. It was the lunch menu for the week, which included beets, goat cheese, endives, zucchini, veal and on and on. I listened to their conversation. They were shocked that the fruit being served for dessert one of the days was not in season.

They were going to bring the issue up in the next PTA meeting. Very young kids here identify fruits and vegetables by season. Strawberries are found in April, May and June and if eaten outside of those months, children will ask, but how? On doudous: Another thing that is universally French and really sweet is the concept of a doudou from the French word doux , or soft. It is essentially a lovie or blankie, and all French kids have one for moments of crisis and always for sleep.

Some kids get very attached to just one doudou, rendering it difficult to launder, and life gets very tricky if this doudou gets lost.

There is even a service called SOS Doudou where found doudous are listed online. The service will also ship out a new doudou that matches the lost doudou via overnight express! On doing things the French way: There is definitely a specific way to do things in France. When I was cooking with my French mother-in-law for the first time, we were peeling potatoes.

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  5. I was apparently using her peeler in a way she had never seen, and she gasped. I jumped and asked her what was wrong and she exclaimed it just was not possible to peel a potato that way! I like to do the bath right before bedtime. But most French parents we know start with the bath, put their kids in pajamas and a bathrobe, and then usher them downstairs for dinner at 8 p.

    I do feel dissonance in my need to do things in the way I know, versus the French way. On the language: Watching my girls become French has been surprising; in fact, it has taken my breath away. I see the shape of the vowels on their lips and mouths, their expressions and gestures blowing their cheeks out in exasperation, their lips sinking downward in an upside-down U shape and they are French.

    The other day, Colette even put a finger under one eye and pulled the skin down to say, yeah right. It feels strange that my children will have this trove of cultural knowledge that I cannot ever know natively. I am an immigrant and they are natives, a curious divide. Our bug collection includes scorpions, cicadas, beetles and spiders. We watched a bee swarm take over a hole in one of our sycamore trees and now they buzz in and out of it daily. Last night, a bat flew in. I was trying to get a bat out of my house. On religion: My husband grew up Catholic, like many French people by culture.

    More than a fifth of the French population are openly atheist, and two-thirds of young people are atheist.

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    Families in Provence go all out at Christmas, and there are many traditions that exist nowhere else in France. We eat the 13 desserts of Provence, including olive oil cake, nougat, calisson marzipan like and on and on. Colette, great job pushing yourself on the swing!

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    I see that even in my own kids. The graphic images and barefaced way these stories are told to children of all ages is definitely cultural. On sex: When it comes to sex and menstruation, our French friends talk openly with their children.

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    For me, at least growing up in my very religious household, there was a lot of shame around sex. I love that. This article about the morning-after pill being offered by high schools is definitely in line with broader cultural attitudes about sex and sexuality for young people.

    Each time, the owners will strike up a long conversation, even if there are five people behind me in line. The pace of life here blew me away. Those sweet relationships are part of being a village. I hope we can stay here for a long time.

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    We left New York not knowing what we were doing. Thank you so much, Emilie! It was a joy to talk to you. Excellent piece!

    We need to talk about Kévin: Why France fell in (and out of) love with a name

    And not being funny in French and the odd one out non native. This is what I want to do! It looks dreamy!