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In the Hands of a Vampire Ch. Vampiress, Mine - Omnibus Back by popular demand! The full story of Vampiress, Mine! Wolfblood: The Price of Loss Ch. My Day A tongue in cheek look at the tropes of erotica and romance. Dark Dreams Ch. Blood and Magic Scene between master and servant vampires.

Ghosts Ch. Patience is a Virtue Half man half snake takes a beautiful vampiress in his coils.

Don't :: Damon/Elena :: The Vampire Diaries - High-Spirited — LiveJournal

Fire and Ice Adam and Emma's Saga. Indigo Ink Ch. Artistic License Bonded by Dracula, Amy gets more than she bargains for. Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. Feeding Time Lesbian, bondage themed between a vampire and a witch. Finding Meridian Ch. Shadow School Ch. Connor Thomas Ch. He did all that nice stuff for her to help her sober up then he proceeded to rock her world by basically making out with her vertical lips. That was something I heard my husband's friend say once so I thought I try it ; think I might like kissing the kitty better, or heck even dining at the V for that matter.

Also he wouldn't help her be quiet, she had to do that on her own. He kept at her for quite a bit Oh how I long for summer when I don't have to worry about Vitamin D deficiencies. Oops, sorry off topic again. One last thing is I wanted to tell you that I did read your book and I really enjoyed it. I can't remember if I ever told you that or not.

My mom read it too. I bought it back when you were promoting it on here. Not sure if you remembered me or not : Ok, for real I have to get to sleep, I've been up since and I only had about 3 hrs of sleep last night. Let's just is coming awfully fast again. I totally forgot you told me about this.

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It's all so gloriously delicious. I totally thought of you that ep when she jumped into his arms. And then Jeremy. THAT will be weird to write Link Reply Parent Thread cassiakohn May.

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Link Reply Parent Thread heartsewnsleeve Nov. Your ways with words is so beautiful and enticing Link Reply Thread Anonymous May. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Current Mood: giddy. Comments 30 comments — Leave a comment. They kissed once more and then she licked a sensitive spot on his neck. She kissed on sucked on it gently for a few moments. At last, she opened her mouth and sank her newly acquired fangs into his waiting next. A groan of pleasure escaped his lips and felt blood trickling down his neck. Kristine closed his eyes and allowed the warm blood to flow into her mouth, drinking it.

After she had had enough, she licked it clean and it stopped bleeding. He smiled and then kissed her, savoring the taste of his very own blood. They kissed for a little bit and then he licked down to her chest again, biting on her nipple gently. He sucked on it softly then left it, and laid her down. Peeling them off from her elegant legs, he saw she was wearing one of the g-strings that he had bought her.

Kristine grinned and then Xeric ran a fingertip down her neck, between her boobs, and right over the crotch of her sexy underwear. He applied a little pressure on her previously untouched love spot and she gasped, closing her eyes. Xeric looked at her and put some fangs on. He kissed her and licked down to her neck. The fangs in his mouth grazed her skin slightly and then he sank them into her skin in one quick motion.

BOYFRIEND ASMR/19+/NSFW - the only thing a period ends is a sentence.

A gasp and a moan slipped between her lips and her nails dug hard into his back, making it bleed. Warm blood trickled out of her veins and into his mouth with some going down her chest and dripping off her cold, sensitive nipples. He drank the blood from her neck and then licked it up from her chest.

Xeric returned to her boobs and sucked in them savoring the blood on them.

Man dies and 40 others are bitten after vampire bats attack humans in Brazil

Kristine kissed him and slid her tongue into his mouth to taste her own blood. He slapped her but a little and she smiled. Before he knew it, Xeric was on his back again and she bit his nipple, drawing blood with the fangs. There was a little snap and a zip and then his pants and boxers were down all at once.

You never told me you pierced it. Kristine looked up at him and then kissed the head of his cock. Her hot wet tongue did circles around the head and she slowly took the first few inches in her mouth giving it a little suck. Xeric bit down on his lip and watched her as she bobbed her head up and back down taking the full length of his cock down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down slowly and used her tongue to play with the body jewelry in his frenum piercing.