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A smaller hard-shell container inside this fuselage houses most of the hardware and software. Four narrow but flexible carbon-fiber legs serve as the low-tech landing system. The helicopter carries eight electric motors. The other six motors drive the swashplates attached to each of the rotors. Swashplates change the angle of the blades to allow the helicopter to pitch, rotate, and yaw.

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The lithium-ion battery system comes from the vaping industry. Cellphone technology provided the high-level processor and the cameras—a megapixel color device for taking high-resolution photos and a black-and-white camera to provide data for the relatively crude visual navigation system. The low-level processor comes from the automotive world; the laser rangefinder, from robotic applications. Even so, just about every design solution created a new problem.

For example, the blades were made of lightweight carbon fiber so they could be spun as fast as possible. But they had to be beefed up when it turned out that the thin atmosphere on Mars lacked the natural damping qualities that reduce vibration and catastrophic resonances here on Earth. Early on, the team had hoped to save a few grams by fitting the upper rotor with a collective, which controls altitude, but no cyclic, which controls pitch and roll.

The lower rotor has both. But these plans were scrapped when it became apparent that the helicopter needed more control authority. In May , Aung and company were confident enough to set the Martian helicopter free in the foot vacuum chamber. The fully autonomous risk-reduction flight went off without a hitch. And yet team members sat stone-faced as they watched. There is no way to describe how we felt. A new round of funding financed a pair of engineering design models EDMs , which would serve as the template for the actual Mars Helicopter—if, in fact, NASA decided to build it.

But even as construction began, the team discovered that it had miscalculated the thermal budget. Two thirds of the energy produced by the batteries was earmarked for keeping them warm during the frigid Martian nights, and this proved to be tougher than expected. The solar panel was enlarged, and extra battery cells were added, which meant more weight.

Ultimately, the vehicle weighed a tick less than four pounds. To simulate Martian gravity, the vehicle was attached to a tether known as a gravity offload system, which essentially gave EDM-1 a helping hand staying aloft. The test flight was a slam dunk. But this time, instead of receiving a figurative gold star from NASA, the team got the brass ring—a highly coveted slot as a technology demonstrator on the Mars mission.

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That said, the centerpiece of the Mars expedition will not be the helicopter but the rover carrying it into space. We enjoyed our stay here, the hotel is in close proximity to the local restaurants, shops and bars. Highly recommend staying here if you are looking for a hotel in El Nido. Everything you need for a comfy stay is here.

Ref, aircon, e. Staffs are all accommodating. Maybe next time they can put their family room in 1st or 2nd floor. All family rooms are in 4th floor, so no option for my mom and dad both seniors. Stay at the hotel and relax or or go next door and party. The only down side are the sand fleas they call them nick nicks. They even haf a warning sign posted. Just use bug spray and you will be fine. This is such a great resort for just relaxing. The best accommodation in El Nido in terms of service and its staff!!

The owner will provide you with everything that you will need to enjoy your much anticipated vacation in El Nido. Don't hesitate to ask for any assistance. Swiftlets is just a 5 min walk from central town where most of the fun happens. The astonishing view at the front is Mt Taraw which in itself is a sight to wonder.

To the left is Las Cabanas which is also a 10 min tryke ride. The free breakfast is simple but delicious. I really believe that our stay was made more enjoyable because of Swiftlets. Even our private van to Puerto Prinsesa was arranged by them where we had the chance to tour some of the unique attractions there. I will upload our video in YouTube. Look for Wander Puts to see :- Thanks!! This is an amazing hotel the manager Eric and all his staff make you feel at home.

Hitching a ride with the next NASA rover, a new explorer gets a chance.

The hotel is spotless and the attention to detail is amazing. The breakfast buffet is wonderful. The rooms are spacious with good aircon and plenty of room for you clothes. The pool area is lovely and one off a few hotels with a Pool. I highly recommend this hotel. Very clean. Super comfortable location: 5 min walk to everything but very quiet inside.

Best place for such price range in El Nido, will definitely come back. Amazing hotel compared with others. People from front desk are always helpful. But, there is no lift and it's a 5 floor building.