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He stared intently at the water glass that sat on his desk. His focus became more and more concentrated. The glass began to vibrate; its movement just barely perceptible. Tomar raised his hand, and the glass moved upward. It hovered a few inches above the desk and then began floating across the room. Tomar focused, pushed his hand away from his body and then lowered it, gently setting the glass on the table across the room, using nothing but his mind.

A smile spread across his face.

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No one knew that he was a Transprophetic. In his mind, only charlatans and religious nut jobs ever revealed such a thing. It was nothing but a parlor trick, but it validated for him that he was more evolved and intelligent than those around him. Ironically, it was one of his ancestors that had validated the existence of what had been previously believed to be impossible.

Over a thousand years ago, Koranth thought itself alone in the universe. The appearance of a young girl, unlike any other, changed everything. The girl was brought to him for examination. She could move objects with nothing but the power of her will. The doctor validated that she genuinely could do this, but how? The capability discovered within this girl was neither supernatural nor divine in origin. The ongoing evolution of the human species explained the phenomenon. In extremely isolated incidences, a human developed a capability enabling their minds to grasp concepts and gain experience from the world around them like no others.

They learned to use the molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, and even sound and light waves around them. It appeared like magic but was no more than the mind and body doing things previously thought to be impossible. Within a few years of the discovery of that little girl, a second evolutionary capability of the human mind was discovered. A mastermind of a thief was shot while he was stealing a priceless piece of art in a national museum. Despite impenetrable security, he managed to get into the building.

As he lay dying, he told a story that few would believe.

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He could move from one place to another in the blink of an eye, including through the smallest of holes, such as a keyhole. Within a few decades, another person was found to have similar capabilities.

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Despite all the evidence stacked against her, Utena continues to fight for the Rose Bride and turns a blind eye to her past. Utena shuts the vision away and remains loyal to Anthy, but the Rose Bride goes on to stab her savior in the back. So much for her chivalry. Steins;Gate takes a while to pick up, especially during the first few episodes.

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  • They start off with their plans for time traveling and tackling major conspiracies, but things begin to escalate when more of the cast finally trickles in. One character, Moeka Kiryu, is a shy and absent-minded individual who often prefers to communicate with people via text messages. In spite of her inconspicuous warnings, the group still completes their project and the team celebrates just before Moeka and a group of mercenaries bursts into their lab. Moeka then mercilessly shoots Mayuri, which pushes Okabe to start his emotionally taxing time-traveling adventure to save her.

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    Sailor Moon starts off as a rather lighthearted anime with love acting as a central plot point. Usagi Tsukino might seem like your average ditzy high school student, but she awakens as the leader of a group of female guardians known as the Sailor Scouts. They initially start off a small squad before expanding and adding new fighters to their family. In line with this, the Scouts are a tight-knit group who support each other in and out of the battlefield. Shockingly enough, one of the most heartbreaking anime betrayals stems from two of the Sailor Scouts: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.


    At first glance, Kyubey seems to be the last thing that would betray anyone — especially little girls. The cat-like creature looks like it would make the perfect stuffed animal because of its charming looks and adorable facade. In exchange, they must enlist as magical girls and must fight the witches terrorizing their world.

    When those under the contract fall into despair, they become the very witches they hunted as magical girls. In turn, this chain of events become a ruthless and tragic cycle of killing and trickery.

    Actually, These Are the Real Top 10 Anime Betrayals

    While they might not have seemed like much, the two were actually behind the various Jack the Ripper attacks. Moreover, Angelina actually had a completely different persona as Madam Red, while Grella was actually a Grim Reaper and collector of souls. The two shared a rather interesting and symbiotic relationship because of their roles. Unfortunately for them, Ciel and Sebastian discovered their little games and decided to put a stop to their violence. Both parties clashed with each other, with Madam Red eventually gaining the upper hand.

    Grell then decided to take matters into her own hands and kill Madam Red instead as she saw little use for her. The Uchiha Clan was one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, and also one of the strongest because of their Sharingan. Clan members also displayed natural battle skill and took part in wars against different factions.

    Secret Plans and Betrayals

    Several clan members voted against the idea, seeing the coup as just another reason to start a new world war. Konohagakure elder Danzo Shimura acted with his own interest to protect Konoha and spoke to Itachi Uchiha regarding the uprising. Danzo offered him two options: let the Uchiha proceed with their coup that would lead to their death, or kill the clan himself while sparring his brother, Sasuke.

    Itachi decided to choose the latter idea and enlisted help from Tobi, wiping the entire clan out in one night. Itachi took all responsibility for his actions and urged Sasuke to seek revenge against him, pushing his brother to grow stronger.

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    Sasuke eventually decided to gain more power by betraying his friends and siding with Orochimaru. While Sosuke Aizen might be known as the notorious villain in Bleach, he actually started out as a mild-mannered gentleman.